Using your donations to change the lives of many.

Homecoming Farm, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization created to bring together experts from the human and veterinary medical and general sciences professions to establish a newly recognized specialty field in Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation to benefit all animals.  

Homecoming Farm conducts research in the further development and effective transfer of physical medicine and rehabilitation methodologies in practice to equine patients; provides education to horsemen, veterinary students, veterinarians, farriers, and physical therapists in these methods; and offers clinical consulting services and seminars worldwide.

Rehabilitation services are provided to horses at equine shelters at no charge through our practical training program for veterinary student interns and colleagues internationally. Doctor Lyons developed guidelines for model equine shelters and helps organizations to improve their standards of care and administration so that they can meet criteria for excellence required to be eligible to receive student externs. 

Doctor Lyons provided testimony to Congress at the July 2012 Senate Hearing on Horse Racing Medication and Safety.  To learn more about this important legislative reform, please click here.

Visit our ACVSMR website at the following link: